About Us


About Us

Here at Midwest K9 Academy we believe in giving the customer a hassle-free buying experience when selecting their canine partner or new addition to the family. We offer canines and training programs to fit the needs of everyone from families to government agencies. Our family-oriented programs specialize in providing the right canine to fit any and all of your needs. For our Law Enforcement and private company customers we offer detection training and refresher courses for Narcotic, Explosive, Currency, Cadaver, Arson, Bed bugs, Mold and specialty items. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call and someone from our experienced staff will help answer all of your questions. Thank you for showing interest Midwest K9 Academy, and we look forward to having you be a part of the Midwest K9 family.

At Midwest K-9 Academy we strive to offer you the right dog that fits into your family dynamic.

Anything from family protection to bringing a new puppy into your home. We understand every situation is different and the needs of every family or individual are different. We make it our priority to offer you a wide variety of dogs and services to meet the needs of every one of our clients. Not only will we work with you to select the perfect dog that fits your needs will tailor his/her training so that you are excited to bring your new addition into your home. 

At Midwest K-9 Academy we understand the impact a well-trained canine can have on a department or private company. Our training staff strives to offer our customers the best available canine and training programs that fit your department or company’s needs.

Our goal is always to exceed our customers expectations. We will strive to impress you from our very first phone call, email, or text. We guarantee no other customer service like ours. The Midwest K9 way is what we offer, and it is unparalleled in the industry. From quality dogs, to top tier instructors and trainers our team brings it all. No games, no drama, no issues just quality and caring work.

Our no hassle replacement guarantee on all canines from our facility is second to none. Not only do you get FREE refresher training for the life of the canine but at any time the canine and handler are not a fit it is no issue to get the issue resolved IMMEDIATELY as we know the impact of being without your partner can be.



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