Bed Bug Dogs

Meet Cartoon! He is a member of one of our Bed Bug Detection teams!

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Don’t let bed bugs take a bite out of your business! Bed bug dog inspections are efficient and time-saving. A canine can sniff out bed bugs in a fraction of the time it takes a human inspector to find them.

  • A properly trained bed bug sniffing dog is the most effective method of detecting bed bugs.
  • Canine bed bug inspections will be faster and more precise in locating infestations, costing your business less time and resources.

Bed Bug Dog Training

Midwest K-9 bed bug dogs are specially trained to quickly locate and alert to the presence of bed bugs.

  • Our trained bed bug sniffing dogs don’t do remediation. Their goal is to simply locate and signal a detection, allowing their handler to move on to the next task.
  • Bed bugs can spread very quickly and indiscriminately. Trained canines offer efficiency, precision, and discretion in the battle against impending infestations.