Family protection dogs are a great type of dog to have if you want that extra level of comfort at night, knowing your family is safe with your dog on the watch. However, not all dogs can be trained to be a family protection dog. If you want a dog that can protect your family, Midwest K9 can work with you to find out which one of your dogs will fit your needs!

What to Look for in a Family Protection Dog

Every person has a different idea about what a protect dog is to them. Some people want a dog that will alert them if someone is breaking into the house and then act if that person does get into the house. While others want protection when walking at night. Basically, every person wants a different level of protection.

This means that not all protection dogs fit all people. Some dogs can look like they can defend you from an intruder but then shy away once the person attacks. This is why you need the right dog for your situation.

When looking for your protection dog, make sure to stay clear of any seller who adversities that they have the perfect dog for you. As we just discussed, dogs are not a one fits all, especially protection dogs. Some people need a dog that is great with kids, while others need a dog that is a little more on edge.

Family Protection Dogs at Midwest K9

At Midwest K9, we have a variety of protection dogs. Each dog is trained in its own way and assessed for the type of protection dog it would excel as. Then we ask you to share with us the reasons you want a protect dog so that we can accurately provide you with your options. We take our dogs very seriously and always make sure they go to the right home!

After you have found your protector, we come to you with the dog and spend the weekend with you and your family. During this time, we train you and the dog so that you know how to keep up with their training and you can familiarize yourself with them.

If you are in need of a family protection dog, don't make the mistake of thinking that any old dog can protect or will protect you and your family. Don't fall for the one dog fits all scams, and don't get a dog that doesn't protect you how you need them to. Instead, contact us at Midwest K9, and we can help you find the right family protection dog for you.

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