At Midwest K9, we specialize in training all breeds of dogs for all types of issues and duties, such as behavioral issues, service dog training, and more. We even work with training police canines to keep them at peak performance, allowing them to be effective and safe in the field.

Our police canine refresher courses are created to be supplemental training for dogs on the force. This means that all of the police dogs that we work with are already certified police canines, but we make sure that they are exposed to new environments just like they would be on the job.

Unfortunately, there has been an epidemic over the last few years of police dogs getting injured or even killed in the field. That is why we offer next-level training for these police canines. Our goal is to keep them sharp and in tune with their previous training while also teaching them some new tricks.

How Does Midwest K9's Police Dog Training Work?

Our program includes a free monthly refresher training for these certified police canines. The session takes the dog out of that element they were used to in certification training, and it puts them in a whole new element. New trainers, new people, new dogs, new smells, and even new methods of training and upkeep.

Our programs get the dog and the handler ready for a real-world situation, so they are better prepared for their duties.

We want the dogs to progress and be challenged during our courses so that they are ready for what may happen in their jobs. We also want their handler to be the best that they can be too. We work with the handlers to make sure they get as much advice on how to work with their dog as they can. There is a lot of handler error, and by providing these classes, we feel we can help reduce that.

Giving Back

After our free refresher course, we have a barbeque with law enforcement offers. This is just one way we try to give back to our police and make sure they know they are appreciated.

If you are a police canine handler or know someone who is, contact us at Midwest K9 today for more information on our police canine refresher courses and programs!