E-collar training has taken the dog-training field by storm. An influx of dogs running rampant and being zapped throughout dog parks while owners sit back and press buttons, detached from reality as well as their own dogs, has become a common sight.  

When you train your dog, the goal is to build a strong bond between you and your pet. E-collars take away from the bond created by properly training a dog. This bond that would typically occur naturally when using things such as treats, body cues, and toys is interrupted from the shock, which then becomes associated with the owner creating a negative relationship. 

Using a shock collar will give you the illusion that your dog is being trained fully because they will become compliant rather than be zapped repeatedly. However, the majority of the time when the collar comes off the dog will be free of consequence and will revert back to its negative behaviors. 

Although using classic techniques may take longer to properly train your dog, your pet will be able to perform tasks on and off their leash in any situation without having to shock them into submission.  

Reinforcement of positive behaviors from the owner directly to the dog remains the most effective way to create a long lasting bond and compliance between human and dog. If correction is needed a gentle but firm hand as opposed to a zap will maintain trust and shows leadership as opposed to punishment.

Shock collars are detrimental to the overall well being of the animal, particularly its mental state. Creating an unnecessary amount of stress and fear can only hurt the bond you should be cultivating.  

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