At Midwest K9, we want to stress the importance of the differences between the types of service dogs there are and why they are different. There are service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and companion dogs. All of which have their own duties and training.

There are differences between the type of services dogs, and the reason is because they serve different purposes for their owners. When you are looking for a service dog, we want to make sure that you get the right kind of dog that can perform the job you need.

Service Dogs

A service dog is a dog trained to fulfill tasks that you, the owner, cannot perform yourself such as open doors, lead you if you are blind, alert on seizures, or alert on glucose.

Therapy Dogs

A therapy dog is trained to help people by giving them comfort and affection. They often visit nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers. Therapy dogs are motivators and comforters, who can help you feel better!

Companion/ Emotional Support Dogs

Companion and emotional support dogs are very similar in the way that they are trained and the duties that they perform. They are trained to help improve mood, relieve stress, help with depression, motivate, and many other tasks similar to these. We have three fully trained and certified members at Midwest K9 that can train your pup to be a companion dog!

At Midwest K9, we can train your dog, but you have to qualify for the right type of service you want your dog to provide.

If you have any questions about what type of service dog you need, how we train each type of service dog or anything else regarding the training of your dog, contact us at Midwest K9 today!