Having a trained dog is in the best interest of everyone your dog will come into contact with, including you, your family, and the dog! A trained dog is a confident dog and a confident dog is a happy dog, and don’t you want your dog to be happy?

Some of the common issues people have with an untrained dog are:

  • Barking at visitors or people/ animals outside
  • Jumping on people when they walk in the door
  • Running around places they shouldn’t (like in front of children)
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Getting in the trash
  • And many more.

A lot of these issues are the characteristics of a scared dog. That is why at Midwest K9 we train your dog to be obedient and also to feel more secure.

Trying to Train Your Dog Yourself

If you know how to train your dog, we firmly believe you should. But that being said, every dog and breed is different. It is important to understand how your dog learns and reacts to their surrounding and use that information to alter your training processes.

If you are going to train your own dog, there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help. Midwest K9 has experience training all types of dogs that have a wide variety of personalities and we understand how to train every one of them.

We offer classes for dog owners who want to train their pup themselves. You come out and do some sessions with our trainers. We teach you how to train your dog and how you can continue the education at home.

This way you know you are training your dog the right way and you’ll be better fit to understand and read your dog and your dog will be more confidante!

If you have any questions about our training programs or about how we can help you train your dog, contact us today at Midwest K9!