At Midwest K9 Academy, we have a no e-collar policy! We train each dog with love and respect whereas we feel with an e-collar you're just shocking them into submission.

What is an E-Collar and How Do They Work?

An E-Collar is an electric shock collar designed to “train” your dog by teaching them to associate the vibration and tone form the collar with the pain from the shock that follows if they do not listen to your command.

But, do you really want your dog to fear you and the shock instead of actually respecting and loving you?

In addition, e-collars are just a short-term answer to a long-term problem. If you forget the remote at home or the batteries die, your dog could run off because they aren’t trained to listen to you, they’re trained to listen to the collar. You really have no control of your dog at that point.

How Midwest K9 Produces Results Without an E-Collar

We base our training on building a strong bond with the dog and taking the time necessary to teach them commands in a way that they will understand because every dog is different.

Our program

Our training program based on building a relationship with each dog is a long-term solution for your dog’s obedience! After the training period we give you a 60-day sheet of what you should do in order to reinforce what they learned with us. As long as you follow it all, it's a tried and true plan and you won’t have any issues.

If you have a dog and you want help training them out of love and bonding instead of out of fear, then contact us at Midwest K9! We have a variety of different training programs based on you and your dog’s needs! If you have any questions about our training programs or why we do not use e-collars, contact us today!