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Q: What Age Do You Start Training a Puppy?

A: For when to start training a puppy, we recommend you begin training as soon as you take your puppy home at 8 weeks. We do not begin any training with our clients until their pup is 15 weeks of age with proof of all vaccinations.

Q: What are the Best Guard and Protection Dog Breeds?

A: In our years of experience, we have found the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherd to be the best suited and clear headed for the job. We will train any and all breeds for this task per our client’s needs.

Q: What are the Best Service or Therapy Dog Breeds?

A: We have had great success with the Retriever breeds and German Shepherds. However, the Belgian Malinois has also been becoming an even better candidate for our Service/Therapy dog programs!

Q: How Long Does it Take to Train My Dog?

A: This is determined on two main factors; your dog and the type of training you want.

Q: Where Do Your Dogs Come From?

A: Our dogs are sourced from Europe and hand selected by our master trainers to be sure we procure the best possible dog for the selected tasks.

Q: What is Midwest K-9 Academy’s Guarantee?

A: One (1) year health and workability guarantee. 100% full credit towards another dog to equal the price paid on your original dog.

Q: What Can We Expect Once We Get Our Family Protection Dog?

A: Only the finest, most responsive training there is. Our dogs are second to none and we let our actions and past clients prove it. From start to finish, we answer any and every question you may have and are here for you 24/7 for the life of your dog.

Q: Is It Better to Get a Puppy or an Adult Canine?

A: We are HUGE fans of going with an older dog. Less issues, already aware of good, and any bad traits have been fixed! No chewed up couches and shoes! Again, there is nothing wrong with a puppy but if you can’t decide between the two and your budget allows for an older dog we strongly recommend one.

Q: Can Our Children be Around Our Protection Dog?

A: Yes. We go over in extensive detail prior to purchase to ensure you and your family get the perfect fit!

Q: Can Family and Friends be Around Our Protection Dog?

A: Yes. As stated above all of this will be decided and cleared up prior to the purchase of your Family Protection Dog.

*** We cannot stress enough how important it is to know that Not every dog is right for every situation.” 

Q: Can I Use My Own Dog for Service Dog Training?

A: Yes, we are more than willing to evaluate your dog to see if it has what it takes to be a Service dog. If so, we will gladly train your dog to be your service animal.

Q: Can You Train My Chihuahua to be a Detection Dog?

A: Again, not every dog is right for every situation. However, if your chihuahua has what it takes, consider it done!

Q: How Much are Your Services?

A: This all depends on the service needed, the amount of time involved, and the dog selected. All of this will be fully disclosed prior to spending any money at our facility. No hidden fees here!

Q: My Dog is Aggressive Towards Strangers. Can You Help?

A: Yes. This is a process that takes time on our part and your part. However, it can and will be done if you’re willing to train along at home with what we’ve taught you and your dog.

Q: My Dog is Aggressive Towards Other Dogs. Can You Help?

A: Yes. This is becoming a much bigger problem than the past due to overwhelming work schedules. Our daily doggy camp helps with this when started at an early age. Even if your dog is older, we HIGHLY recommend our Board & Train program to fix these issues.

Q: Do You Use E-Collars?

A: No. We do not, as we have no intentions of forcing a dog to train and do something out of fear! We train every dog differently and use many common tools of the trade, but shocking your dog into submission is not one of them! Please read our blog post for more information.

Q: Do You Have References?

A: Yes, we have many references available to share with our intended buyers!