Puppies from Midwest K-9 Academy

Midwest K9 puppies

Why Choose Our Puppy Program?

At Midwest K-9 Academy we have a puppy program with dedicated staff to care for all of our puppies. All of the prospective parents for our puppy program are hand selected by our experienced procurement team and have extensive health testing prior to purchase. This is done to ensure we have a good genetic foundation that will produce favorable traits in our puppies. 

From a young age we test all of our puppies for favorable behavior that will fit our various programs and will designate those puppies to start a training program to ensure they will be social confident and well trained before leaving our facility.

All of our litters are born in a home setting around children, cats, and other dogs, beginning socialization from Day 1.

Currently Available Puppies

Puppies with various levels of training are always available for purchase. Contact us to check current availability in addition to upcoming litters.

We also offer multiple puppy training programs to help fulfill all of your family’s needs.