I was hesitant to add another dog to our family, but I am so pleased with Kidd. I spoke to Bob extensively before purchasing because I wanted to make sure the dog he sent was one that would fit into our household. I also arranged for a trainer to accompany Kidd’s delivery and stay for a few days to make sure we had a smooth transition. Vince, the trainer, was phenomenal. We have a young daughter, other dogs, horses, and a lot of company. He gave us the confidence to work with Kidd in each of these areas. I wasn’t sure my small female dog would ever be safe with Kidd (her fault, not his), but we took Vince’s advice and I now have a happy household again. Bob sent instructions for what to do in the beginning and over time. I followed the plan carefully and I have a dog who impresses everyone who meets him. I’ll give a brief example of how he impressed me recently. Kidd sits outside our small barn each day while I clean the stalls, but I haven’t mixed him with the horses. One of our horses got loose overnight and I didn’t realize it until Kidd and I were walking to the barn in the morning and the horse came running toward us. Kid is off leash when we’re home. I knew that the horse simply wanted breakfast and to be escorted back in, but I had no idea what Kidd would do. I told him to sit next to me and stay. My horse came to a stop in front of us while Kidd sat alert, but calmly at my side. I took my horse by the halter and told Kidd to walk with us to the barn. He did it as if we’d done this a hundred time together. I couldn’t say enough good about him if I had all day. He plays with my daughter nicely. They chase each other, play ball, but also play games I hope he’ll never have to do for real. She hides and we have him track her. I’m impressed at how seriously he takes the game and how well he tracks her. She can also call him to her and ask him to watch over her. We use the release word to tell him when he can just be goofy, but he really seems to understand the games. My husband doesn’t work with him much so he doesn’t do as much for him, but even my husband is impressed with how Bob sent us the perfect dog for our family. We don’t need another dog and hopefully won’t for a very long time, but when we do, I know where we’ll be getting it. Thanks, Bob and Vince. My family not only feels safer, but Kidd brings us so much joy as well. Thank you for working with us. Grateful in Massachusetts. I highly recommend Midwest – K9.

Ruth C